by y!kes

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released February 2, 2017

Thank you to Miles Blunt at the SIdeboob for recording and mixing
Thank you to Mitch Clem for mastering



all rights reserved


y!kes Richmond, Virginia

Three knuckleheads in Richmond playing some kind of emo punk music.

Billy Boy - Bassman
Cornerline - drim drams
Trey Jones - fiddlestick with some words

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Track Name: I'm Broke
I lost my sleep schedule and I can't seem to find it
When cigarettes and caffeine are your only fix
I spent all my money on these shitty tattoos in the small hopes they just might impress you.
Track Name: A Pack A Day
I stopped smoking a week ago but I just bought a pack.
I haven't even left and you say you want me back.
A home is something I've always lacked
but I've found a place I've never felt warmer

My hands are shaking again
I'm fucked up and it's not even 10
But I'm able to blend in
with all these people I call my friends.

I haven't cried in months and it's probably all I need.
Rub my eyes until I can't fucking see.
Maybe I'd feel a little relieved,
until I'm as perfect as you say I should be.

My hands are shaking again
I'm passed out and it's way passed 10
My phone's been blowing up
My friends have been calling.
Track Name: Cold Hands (feat. Page LaChance of Ella Vader)
I love watching people fall apart and put themselves back together because I wish I could do the same.

"My eyes will not open there's nothing to see.
This knot in my neck has been getting to me.
Waiting for a time between now and never,
for me to put myself back together."
Track Name: Mother's Day
I told myself I'd write less about lust and more about love
but I've been focused more on the drugs.
I need to stop smoking cigarettes and lose this beer gut.

But I don't think I care enough.

I told myself I'd grow up fast when I was still a kid
but I'm too immature to give a shit.
I told myself I'd care about me like you did.
Track Name: Vinyl
How many times have I bit my tongue even when I know I'm in the wrong?
And I can admit it in this stupid song,

but that's not what you want to hear.

'Cause records are way less romantic when they do nothing but skip,

but that's not what you want to hear.